Kitchens made
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All Domus kitchens are designed to fulfil the needs of everyday life, making the use of the kitchen as easy, effortless and safe as possible. Our designers will design a kitchen to match your wishes and optimally suit your home. That is why each kitchen purchase starts with a designer meeting.

Our kitchen collection

Line by Domus


As its name suggests, Line is a sleek-lined kitchen model that seamlessly fits the home decor. The stylish pulls, made of steel-coloured aluminium, streamline your kitchen. Kitchen inspiration Vivid details The fixed aluminium pulls of laminate or particle board Line doors and the slim, tall cupboards are designed to function as details that form an […]

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Domus - keittiöt ja kodin kalusteet


Matta is a stripped-down, elegant kitchen suited for Scandinavian tastes. The understated design of Matta is suited for all types of homes where usability is valued over opulence. Kitchen inspiration Sense of space and clarity Matta impresses with its clear, subtle design. It creates a sense of space in a small home but also looks […]

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Vetro is a streamlined, stylish and durable option. The shiny surfaces are not only spectacular but, due to their water resistance, they are also extremely easy to keep clean. Kitchen inspiration Modern, minimalistic and personal Vetro is a real eye catcher. You can select a glass, mirror, etched mirror, frosted acrylic or Decora panel for […]

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If you dream of a kitchen full of light, Taika is the solution for you. The smooth, high-gloss surfaces reflect natural light gracefully every day of the year. The shiny surfaces are also easy to keep clean, making Taika a highly practical option as well. Kitchen inspiration Modern Scandinavian design Taika introduces a modern sense […]

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Teema by domus


Teema is exactly the type of kitchen you want. It is perfect for homes large and small, creating a sense of space in any kitchen. Make Teema your own with your favourite handles and worktops. Kitchen inspiration A carefree choice Teema is a modern kitchen with earthy colours. The doors are 16-millimetre particle board with […]

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Our goal is to make kitchens that serve the needs of everyday life and make daily chores easier. Carefully though-out details are exactly what separates a functional kitchen from an impractical one. That is why Domus kitchens include a number of details to make everyday challenges easier.

Domus MAX system

The Domus MAX drawer system increases the storage space in your kitchen by up to 30%. Domus MAX offers maximal height, depth and volume, meanwhile increasing storage space and the surface area of the kitchen counter.

MAX-sized cupboards

The Domus MAX solution is not limited to drawers. The cupboards are 35 cm deep to make room for even the largest plates. A deeper cupboard also makes it easier to find room for a microwave oven and a hood.

Sturdy drawers

Domus drawers can carry up to 60 kg. This means you can store nearly any supplies in your kitchen drawers, from large stacks of plates and cutlery to heavy cast-iron pots and kitchen appliances.

Smart compartments

Compartments in various sizes and materials are available for both standard-sized and MAX drawers. Compartments and spice racks enable an efficient use of space and help keep the kitchen in order.

Spacious under-the-sink storage

The Domus sink storage system maximises the space under the sink. The top drawer is a convenient and safe place to store detergents and washing supplies, while the bottom drawer can accommodate up to six spacious sorting containers

For sorting

Our sink drawers can easily fit six large sorting containers or even more, if necessary. You can also place the spacious sorting cabinets elsewhere if you want them higher. The closed sides of the sorting cart and the sorting container rack enable easy cleaning.

100% opening drawers

In Domus kitchens, the drawers open all the way, eliminating loss of space. The drawers are designed to slide effortlessly and silently as well as close without sound.

Highest quality

We manufacture your kitchen in Finland, using the best components and materials. The durable mechanisms and thought-out solutions guarantee the carefree use of your kitchen.


We design your kitchen down to the smallest detail. Rounded, 1.8-millimetre edging strip protects the frame of your kitchen from dents and scratches.

More room

We know you enjoy space. With our Domus MAX storage system, your space is increased by up to 30%. It is available for each of our kitchen models.

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