Door materials and colour options

Take the first steps towards your dream kitchen or your new bathroom by viewing our various door materials and colour options. We guarantee you will find your favourites: in addition to 19 standard shades, some of our MDF doors, for instance, come in more than 2,000 colours from the Tikkurila Symphony range!



MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) has a fine-grain, tight structure that allows milling and other work on the products. MDF is usually surface treated by painting


MDF manufactured by pressing wooden fibre is milled to the shape of a door and surface treated by painting.


MDF door with a pull groove. Surface treatment available in three grades of gloss and all the shades of the Symphony chart.


Matte-painted MDF with 1-millimetre ABS edges.


High-gloss coated MDF with 1-millimetre edges.

Aamu, Fasetti, Helmi, Polku, Riimi, Runo, Rytmi, Sointu, Soolo & Tyyni

Painted MDF.



Laminate endures wear and tear as well as heat. The surface of the laminate is compressed with high pressure and heat, making the surface resistant to chemicals and moisture. Laminate is an easy-to-maintain, durable choice for all home surfaces!


The door Pinta is made of laminate that can withstand impact, wear and tear as well as moisture. Some doors can also be equipped with aluminium-shaded edges.


Doors made of laminate, particle board and Taika or Matta board have a steel-shade aluminium strip.


Particle board

The surface of the board is attached to the chipboard with hot compression, making the coating solid and durable. The sturdy, dent-resistant ABS edges complete the durability of the particle board.

Particle board is an affordable, easy-to-maintain material!


The doors are made from particle board, finished with durable ABS edges in the colour of the door or in the shade of aluminium.


Other materials

The stylish, timeless frame of Vetro doors is made of anodised aluminium. An anodised surface is hard, durable and easy to keep clean.

The optional Decora board for the door filling is made of aluminium-structured, 4-millimetre composite board.

Thanks to their materials, the Vetro doors are waterproof and, therefore, perfect for damp facilities as well.


The doors have an aluminium frame, filled with painted glass, etched mirror, frosted acrylic, Decora panel or a mirror. The glass and mirrors have a safety film on the backside.