Everyday living

Our goal is to make kitchens that serve the needs of everyday life and make daily chores easier. Carefully thought-out details are what separates a functional kitchen from an impractical one. That is why Domus kitchens include a number of details to make everyday
challenges easier.

Breakfast cupboard

Our breakfast cupboard makes everyday life easier by holding the most frequently used dishes, small appliances and, for example, breakfast items. 

You can add a light fixture to the inside of the cupboard, select glass shelves or various compartments or use the back wall as a splash of colour that is different from the other shades in your kitchen. The doors slide inside the cupboard, reducing the space needed for opening doors and preventing you from banging your head against a lift-up door. The sockets hidden inside the breakfast cupboard allow you to use the coffee maker without removing it from the cupboard.

The breakfast supplies in the cupboard are constantly on view and easily available. The mechanism allows the doors to open and close smoothly inside the cupboard frame. The kitchen worktops remain tidy and the overall look is elegant. The breakfast cupboard makes your everyday life easier with a touch of luxury!

Corner cabinet

Corner spaces are tricky to put to use, but a corner cabinet with curved shelves creates an efficient solution. Thanks to the curved shelves, you can easily reach even the items at the very back of the cabinet.

Supply cabinet

The separate drawers in the supply cabinet make items more easily available. The drawers in various sizes offer storage space for cereal boxes and smaller items.

Pull-out cabinet

The surprisingly spacious tall pull-out cabinet can be placed right next to a wall, if necessary. Items can be picked up from both sides of the shelves, making it an especially functional piece when placed in the middle of cupboards or cabinets.

Everyday solutions


Lighting can improve the usability of the kitchen. Good lighting allows you to see better while you work, and drawer lights enable you to see the contents of the drawers at a quick glance. 

Corner solutions

Various corner cabinet solutions enable you to make full use of even the furthest corners. Simply spin the carousel and it carries the heaviest pots
to you. 

Cooktop drawers

Additional space directly under your induction cooktop! The air circulation regulations of induction cooktops have been taken into consideration in the design of the drawers and they are not heated when the cooktop is used. 

Drawer solutions




Compartment boards