Virtual kitchen by Domus

Test your customised future kitchen in its actual size by visiting our virtual kitchen. Walk around the kitchen island and see if you can reach from the sink to the dishwasher and test whether you like your oven installed higher than usual.


Make your kitchen plans come true

Renewing your kitchen is a dream come true, and kitchen plans often undergo several redrafts. You may have a clear image of the kitchen of your dreams or an abundance of ideas for various styles of kitchens, but making decisions based on samples and pictures alone is difficult. The virtual kitchen allows you to walk through the kitchen and the surface materials you want and see them already installed in realistic size in virtual reality. 

Your kitchen is measured in the design stage and imported into our software where your new kitchen is designed according to the dimensions of your home. When the design is complete, you can enter your future kitchen wearing a VR headset and walk around, just like in a real kitchen. This makes it much easier to grasp what the future kitchen will look like than by staring at a computer screen or a piece of paper. You can walk around the kitchen island and measure the steps from the refrigerator to the oven or from the dishwasher to the cupboard. You get to physically experience how much space you can use and the whole family can get the feel of the new kitchen before deciding on the purchase.

Lifelike experience

In its virtual kitchen world, Domus uses the technology of HTC Vive. The HTC Vive headset is new to the market, which is why the lifelike experience is completely new to many people. The software is run by a heavy-duty gaming computer and the 3D models form a virtual world/interface over a game engine, similar to computer games. The devices adapt to the movements of the user, thus creating lifelike experiences. The feeling of presence is hard to explain, but the brain reacts to a VR experience like a real situation. In the virtual kitchen of Domus, you are not simply looking at the space from the outside but can actually walk inside the kitchen as if it were real.



At the moment, the virtual kitchen is available at our stores in Lahti, Kouvola and Seinäjoki. We are opening a store in Helsinki in April.

In addition to your kitchen design, you can also look at different kitchen solutions in our pre-modelled kitchens. If you are unsure of the style suited for your kitchen, you can take your time and walk around in a virtual kitchen that seems authentic and physically test the distances between appliances and functions and see if you like the colours.

Contact our virtual kitchen stores to book an appointment for designing your own kitchen.