Kitchen & Bathroom worktops

The worktop is a dominating and defining element for the style and functionality of your kitchen and bathroom. When selecting your worktop material, consider not only the look but also the purpose; are you going to place hot dishes straight from the oven on the worktop, are you planning to use it as a baking worktop or will it be exposed to moisture from vegetables and dishes?


Stone, Laminate, Quartz, Dekton and Solid Wood

Our worktop materials are stone, laminate, quartz, Dekton and solid wood. Select the option best suited for your purposes in your preferred colour from our collection.


Affordable, easy to maintain and aesthetic. Available with flanged rim or with an ABS edge strip (worktop colour, highlighter or aluminium effect). Thickness 29 or 39 millimetres, depending on colour.

Worktops Laminate

Solid wood

Beautiful, warm and vivid. Wooden worktops require some upkeep, but they can be made as good as new by sanding. Available pretreated with oil wax or untreated, thickness
30 mm.

Worktops Solid Wood


Dekton is made of glass, porcelain and quartz. The material has been compacted with the pressure of 25 million kilogrammes and heated to 1,200 degrees centigrade to withstand everyday wear and tear. Dekton is suited for building facades, floors, inner walls, fireplace walls, institutional kitchens, etc. Thickness 12 or 20 mm.