Kitchens for real life!

Domus Kitchens and furnitures

”We bring life to the kitchen and kitchen to life”


Domus Virtual Reality

Before You Renovate Your Kitchen, Review Your Plan in Virtual Reality

Imagine experiencing every moment the way an excited kids experiences the summer holidays. Now you’ll be able to walk around a real size, make-believe your own new 3D kitchen! So let’s fantasize - if there were no limits to your desires, what would your kitchen look like? What would it feel like?

It’s when you’ve put the headset on that it happens: Your eyes open up to a totally different room from where you know your feet are standing. The Domus Virtual Kitchens Experience brings the user a virtual Domus kitchen in real world size, using an HTC Vive headset.

Kitchens for real life

We are a Finnish kitchen manufacturer with know-how based on traditional craftsmanship. Our decades-long experience, innovativeness and passion help us understand the needs of end users: our kitchens are always designed together with our customers to meet their unique requirements. We understand Finnish kitchen life, and this guarantees that we can provide you with a functional high-quality kitchen.

Design kitchens, walk-in closets, furnitures to living room, bed room…

We make kitchens and home furniture for real life! Our selections cover everything that is needed to furnish a home. We offer custom-made kitchens, home utility rooms, walk-in closets, bathroom furniture, working spaces and various storage solutions.

As all our products are manufactured from start to finish at our own factory in Koria, nearly all unique solutions are possible.

Luxurious Nordic Simplicity

About Domus Kitchens and furnitures

The Finnish Domus Group Ltd is one of Finland’s leading manufacturers of windows, doors, kitchens, storage space solutions and bathroom furniture.  Windows and doors are manufactured at Loimaa and furniture at Koria.The basis of all Domus products is nearly 70 years of experience and product development that creates bold new ideas. All Domus products have been awarded the Key Flag Symbol of the Association for Finnish Work.

Domus branded kitchens, bathroom furniture and wardrobes are sold throughout Finland. The products are of high quality and the offering covers 1.300 different cabinet versions, 140 door types and 2.000 color options

We offer safe high-quality products manufactured in Finland, with all details in place from design to installation. We invest in continuous product development and modern environmentally friendly production methods. Domus is a reliable co-operation partner for builders and renovators, implementing even the most unique solutions in accordance with wishes.

Our decades-long experience, innovativeness and passion enable us to understand the needs of end users and to design solutions together with our customers to meet their unique requirements. Wood and respect for traditional woodwork are at the heart of Domus Group Ltd’s products.


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